Letter from our Growth Team

The Delta Sigma chapter of Alpha Sigma Tau at the University of the Sciences prides itself in creating an exciting recruitment experience for all potential new members, as well as for the active members in the sorority. We aim to create a unique recruitment experience each semester by incorporating a new theme, accompanied by a number of recruitment events full of activities and chances to get to know all potential new members. It is a team effort when it comes to preparation for recruitment, including theme selection, activities, and so much more. By making each event a memorable experience for each potential new member, our chapter strives to exhibit true passion for the growth of our sorority, as well as promote unity within our sorority. Every sister shows a true love for getting to know potential new members, as well as bonding with each other throughout the recruitment process. We look forward to meeting all of the girls interested in Greek life on campus. Our chapter is ecstatic to welcome new members this upcoming semester, and we cannot wait to see what they bring to our chapter!

Particularly this semester, our chapter is working towards creating a more cohesive look throughout all of our events, including wardrobe and preparation of events. The recruitment committee, led by the Vice President of Growth and Director of Structured Recruitment, work together by thoroughly planning event activities and creating an overall image that reflects the values and class of Alpha Sigma Tau. We aspire to demonstrate the values of Alpha Sigma Tau through conversations with potential new members and through the events we hold, incorporating the ideals we practice as a sorority. We would love to welcome you to our sisterhood of everlasting friendship!